My Top Tips for Staying on Track This Year

With January over, you’ve probably already forgotten the resolutions you promised to keep whilst welcoming in the New Year. I’ve come up with some handy everyday tips, to help keep you on track in reaching your health and fitness goals.

Walk More: Walking is such a great calorie burner, and it’s also an amazing way to have some ‘you’ time. I walk 35 minutes into (and home from) university everyday, and I always look forward to it, because I use this time to unwind and organise my thoughts.

Be More Organised: Organisation really is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This may involve weekly meal prep, or planning your workout before you get to the gym (which you should always do). I start every day with a to do list, so by the end of the day, I feel a sense of accomplishment in what I have achieved.

Set Small, Realistic Goals: If you aim to lose ten pounds in a week, you’ll be disappointed when you don’t reach your goal. The trick to maintaining motivation is to set yourself small, achievable daily or weekly targets. These may include things such as being active in some way for an hour a every day (consider walking, as I mentioned earlier), or completing three high-intensity workouts in a week.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over The Small Stuff: There are some days when nothing seems possible. You’re swamped with work, and your to do list is endless. How on earth are you going to find time to go to the gym? The truth is, no one’s schedule is perfect all of the time. There will be days when you simply can’t make it to the gym, and days when you aren’t feeling it. But that’s okay, just remember not to let this become a habit. If you eat something naughty, don’t adopt the mindset ‘I’ll start again tomorrow’. Start again from your next meal. If you miss a workout, make up for it another day later in the week.

Track Your Progress: This is another way to get the positive vibes flowing. It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come, so progress pictures are an amazing way of reminding yourself. You can also keep a journal, and if you feel like you may revert back to old ways, have a read through it and remember what you’ve achieved so far.

Change Up Your Workout Routine: It’s not always fun to go for a run on your own, or complete a HIIT workout at home that you found on YouTube. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck into the same exercise routine week in week out, because this will lead you to lose motivation (not to mention that change is necessary if you want to progress). Why not team up with a friend and try a new class at your gym?

I hope you find these few tips helpful! Here’s to a fabulous 2016.

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