Unsuccessful Fat Loss

All too often, we (the media, ill-educated ‘fitness professionals’, and probably your favourite health bloggers) target incredibly specific aspects of nutrition, deeming them responsible for ineffective fat loss. Consider the image below: How many times have you heard someone blame one of the above reasons (other than number one) for their inability to lose weight? … Continue reading Unsuccessful Fat Loss

Juice Cleanses, Bone Broths, Skinny Teas: The Myths, Debunked

This morning, our work group chat went offfff. Someone shared an image that had been posted on Instagram, promoting juice cleanses and bone broths as a photoshoot diet strategy. Enough is enough. It’s time to call out the bullsh*t. Firstly, I want to address the issue of social media itself. Our social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, … Continue reading Juice Cleanses, Bone Broths, Skinny Teas: The Myths, Debunked


Let’s talk motivation... It’s a conversation I have with people day in, day out. ‘How are you so motivated all of the time?’ ‘Why do you always have so much energy? ‘Don’t you get bored of going to the gym?’ When you work in the fitness industry, people seem to think you’re a crazy superhuman … Continue reading Motivation