Review: F45 Fitness Dubai Marina

F45 Fitness is a name that you’ve no doubt heard a fair few times. Whether it’s through your favourite blogger’s Snapchat (thanks Zanna), or plastered all over Instagram… The brand is everywhere. So I couldn’t really call myself a fitness blogger without having given it a go.

Fortunately enough, a new F45 location has just opened in Dubai Marina, 5 minutes walk from where I live. They’re offering a FREE (a word I know you all love to hear) TWO WEEK TRIAL to all new members; so I popped down to see what the hype was about. One thing I can tell you for sure: it certainly didn’t disappoint!

The first class I tried was Athletica, which is cardio-focused. I tend to slack a little in my training when it comes to cardio, so this was the perfect session to chuck me right in at the deep end, and leave me gasping for air. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced such a sweaty 45 minutes in my life, but I loved every minute.

The next day, I was back for more… This time, Romans. I foolishly thought that this strength-based class would be a little less sweaty than Athletica, but nope! Romans will push you past your limits and outside of your comfort zone, but it’s a whole lot better knowing that the entire class is right there with you.

I’m yet to give ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Quarterbacks’ a go, but I’ve no doubt they’ll be pretty damn awesome too. All in all, any class capable of making cardio fun is a winner in my eyes. I’ll definitely be making a regular appearance at this location, and I hope to see you there too.

(This post is not endorsed, I just had a real good time @f45_training_dubaimarina)